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Lashing the Tripod Poles
LASH THE TRIPOD POLES TOGETHER at the point of crossing with the anchor rope.

Using one end of the 1/4" x 15' manila anchor rope, start by tieing a clove hitch where the poles cross (tie-point). Pull the clove hitch tight - then add two to four turns around the tie-point slipping the end of the rope under itself to create a half hitch with each turn. The Indians usually made four turns around the tie point. If you have no one to keep tension on the anchor rope, you can prevent loosening of the tie by pulling a loop through an overhand knot up against the last hitch (like one side of a shoe lace bow knot). This slipknot loop can be pulled out after the tripod is put up.

When you swing the north pole into position to form the tripod as described in step number eight, the lashing is stretched and becomes very tight. The lashing should be snug, but if it is tied too tightly it will bind and could possibly break one of the poles when you swing the north pole into position.

Align the marks Start with a Clove Hitch After pulling the Clove Hitch tight,
add additional turns
closing each turn with a Half Hitch
One Clove Hitch and one
Half Hitch pulled tight.
Add more half hitches if needed.
Lash Tipi Poles 2 Lash Tipi Poles 3 Lash Tipi Poles 3

Tie an overhand knot at the loose end of the anchor rope to keep it from slipping out. If you have an anchor rope larger than 3/8 inch, you will find it easier to lash the tripod poles with a smaller rope to which you can attach your heavy rope for wrapping around the pole structure and for anchoring the structure.

If you plan to use an additional rope to pull up the front of your ozan or to pull your lantern up out of reach, now is the time to make a rope loop (pulley rope) to thread these ropes through. Then thread the ropes you need through the pulley rope before you lift the tripod into its upright position. These ropes must be long enough so that you can reach both ends when the tripod is lifted up. Just let them hang down below the tripod until you need to connect them to your lantern or to the front center of your ozan. These are optional features.

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