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The Sioux "ozan" is an awning-like cover that extends from the top of the liner over the sleeping area and acts as an inside rain cover and warmth trap. It is as useful during extended rain storms where a few drops always sneak past the closed smoke flaps as it is for the sudden summer thunderstorm where you have little warning to get the smoke flaps closed.

An ozan also captures warm air underneath and causes the cold air spilling over the edge of the liner to roll along its roof to the front edge before it falls into the tipi. A series of ozans over the sleeping areas cause most of the cold air entering the tipi to flow to the front over the fire where it is quickly heated up. Obviously, some cold air filters through the fabric. Therefore, for winter camping, it is wise to have a liner and ozan made of tightly woven fabric - the denser the better. All Reese Tipis covers, liners, and ozans are made from the tightest woven marine-treated army duck available.

An added benefit is that one can hang a privacy curtain from the ozan creating private compartment in the rear of the tipi. Mosquito netting also can be hung from the ozan to keep insects and bugs out of the sleeping area. We often use up to two ozans in our tipi to provide added protection.

By slightly overlapping two ozans, you can increase the amount of protection in your tipi. We recommend two ozans for customers who desire the maximum comfort in their tipi.

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