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Tipis - tepees - teepees (regardless of how you spell it) are habit forming. If you've ever lived or camped in a tipi, you're probably hooked.
Where else can you lie by an open fire and listen to the rain without getting wet?
Where else can you roast hot dogs over glowing embers while the wind blows and not get smoke in your eyes?
Where else on hot summer days can you raise the wall of your shelter on the shady side and let a cool breeze flow through, or sit out a winter storm secure and warm while the elements rage on the outside?
Where else can you gaze up at the stars as you fall asleep and awake to a cloud burst and still stay dry?
Where else can you find a shelter so pleasing to the eye, so compatible with nature, so versatile, so complete?

Only in a tipi!          Only in a tepee!          Only in a teepee!

When my Father sold Smith & Adams Company in 1978 (noted for quality canvas products since 1889) he retained the rights to our custom Indian tipi, liner, and ozan designs. Since then, our family has continued to make a limited number of Indian tipis for those who insist on having maximum quality and durability. We guarantee to manufacture the best tipi that can be made.

Emphasis on quality is obvious when you inspect one of our Indian tipis. Only the finest water repellent fabric is used, stress areas are heavily reinforced, authentic features are carefully preserved and every tipi comes with complete instructions for installation, use, care and maintenance. The basic design is Sioux with the Cheyenne smoke flap extensions.  We can also make Blackfoot tipis and Crow tipis upon request. We use only the finest lodgepole pine for our tipi poles and can ship to poles anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada

When we first started making tipis we studied all the literature we could find on the subject.  We combined what we learned from our studies with our knowledge of fabrics and fabrication and made our first family tipi. We subjected this and subsequent tipis to all types of stress and exposure until we had a tipi we were satisfied with.

One of our tipis was left up in the mountains for 4 winters and was 10 years old before it finally perished under 16 feet of snow during an exceptionally severe winter. When we examined the remains we found that not one of our reinforced areas had failed - the fabric itself had given way when the poles collapsed and punctured the fabric, but not the reinforcements - and this after the equivalent of at least 20 years of normal use.

When we made the tipis for the movie 'Windwalker', their Art Director did extensive research to achieve authenticity. It was found that our design was completely authentic in style and appearance (Sioux, with the Cheyenne smoke flap extensions). Over the years we have made thousands of tipis and we strive to make each one just a little better than the last one.

For many years my father did the design and layout and my mother did the cutting and the sewing. Their nine children and forty grandchildren help them enjoy tipi lore and living. Many of us have tipis of our own. For the 'Reese Family', tipis are truly a family thing. We enjoy making them and love living and camping in them. Here's hoping you enjoy your tipi as we have enjoyed ours.

The 13 points of excellence are standard features on all Reese Tipis. No other tipi has all of these features. Very few tipis have more than 4 or 5 of these features. Look for all these points of excellence before you choose your tipi.

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